The Advantages of a Wireless Burglar Alarm System

The Advantages of a Wireless Burglar Alarm System

If you’re looking to secure your home from intruders, give yourself peace of mind, or lower your home insurance premiums, then a burglar alarm system is the way to go.

However, do you choose a traditional wired alarm or a wireless intruder alarm system? Of course, there are benefits to both systems, including being able to leave your home secure when you go on holiday, protecting your possessions and even adding value to your home. In this blog we’re just going to run through some of the specific benefits of the wireless system.

1. Quick installation

When installing your new home security you’ll want to be set up as quickly and easily as possible. With no cables to be accommodated for, nothing compares to wireless when it comes to quick installation!

2. Less mess and fuss

No wires = no hassle. There are few things as stress-inducing as that tangle of wires that - until even just a few years ago - came with installing a new home gadget. As the power of wireless technologies grows in popularity, we begin to realise just how cumbersome and unsightly wires can be. Installing a wireless alarm means that you aren’t left to worry about those unwanted wires.

3. Add extra security easily

From our headquarters in Rugby, Warwickshire we’ve worked with plenty of customers who want their home security to go the extra mile. With wireless alarm systems, users are able to easily add extra detection for increased security. This is especially useful if you are away from home for long periods of time.

At Octech Security Services, we specialise in the installation, service and repair of both wired and wireless burglar alarm systems, whichever your preference may be. To book your burglar alarm installation, service or repair get in contact with our expert team today.