5 Reasons Why Your Access Control Should Have Electronic Card Readers

The idea of security being of major importance to your company is not a revelation. The idea of what kind of security is important to your company can be.

There are many types of security, from the digital code to the physical guard station with cameras and watchful people.

The main form of security we shall talk about today is access control. The specific variation is the importance of electronic card readers and what they can do for you.

Let's look at the reasons for a good keycard system. 

1. System Replacement and Cost

Every security system is an investment in the company. New systems may gamble with technology that still has many improvements to come down the line.

Meanwhile keeping old systems gambles with the idea that they can stay potent and relevant. 

Any of these systems can be a potent investment. Putting the time and energy into a brand new system can be a powerhouse for security, but not every company has the funds to back up a brand new technology.

Electronic card readers have a strong benefit from being older technology. That benefit is cost.

By now, getting an installing an electronic card reader system is simple and easy. This allows you to keep costs low while still installing a reliable system.

2. Cards Rarely Fail

While things like biometrics are all the craze right now in security technology, there is one thing they have yet to surpass keycard systems on. That is reliability.

Short of serious damage to the system or the keycard, electronic card readers are very reliable. They work most any time and break down on very rare occasions.

The technology on biometrics has come a long way and can work wonders, but electronic card readers have sustained use. Sweaty palms or dirt can mess with biometrics, where a key card does not have the same issue.

3. Disabling Cards When Lost

When you lose a set of physical keys, your only course is to find them before they get copied or change all the locks. 

When you lose a keycard, not only is it a lot harder to copy but depending on the system you can disable that single keycard. 

4. Don't Overthink It

Most companies do not need all the state-of-the-art systems to safeguard their valuables. A simple but well-made security system will do the trick more often than not. 

If you spend all your money and energy chasing after all the latest security development and ideas, it becomes easy to wear down all your resources when the old classics can work fine.

What you need in a security system is quality and that comes from a good manufacturer and installation company, no matter how old the technology may be.

5. Card Culture

There is a prevalence of electronic cards in our culture. 

Credit cards are only the first step. Membership cards, business cards, and of course, keycards. A lot of businesses have a kind of famous aspect to their keycards, from hotels to gyms.

As such, people often remember their cards. Their wallets overflow with them and a security keycard for work slots right into their daily lives. 

Electronic Card Readers: Security for the Future

The future of your company may not depend on electronic card readers, but they are a powerful tool for how you manage your company.

If you are eager to understand more on how to make the most out of your security systems, then contact us today! We are happy to help.