Benefits of installing a motion activated camera

Benefits of installing a motion activated camera

Surveillance cameras cannot only monitor business premises but can help secure homes and keep an eye on public areas. Surveillance cameras come with many benefits to help keep possessions safe. However, they can waste energy and storage space if they are simply recording empty scenes. Motion activated cameras solve this issue as they will only record when there has been an activity detected.

Here are three benefits of installing a motion-activated camera:

1. Saves time

Having only footage when the camera has been activated saves a lot of time. Upon reviewing your camera footage, you won’t have to trawl through hours of blank footage and instead only motion detected footage is viewable.

2. Better protection

Motion activated cameras start recording when they detect movement.  The recording will start around 3 seconds before the incident and finish around 3 seconds after. This is achieved by holding a small buffer and ensures you always capture the wanted footage. Our systems include remote viewing, so your motion activated camera footage can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

3. Reliability

These cameras only capture relevant, motion detected footage. This makes it more reliable in comparison to non-motion detected cameras as it reduces the amount of wasted footage captured. This means you won’t have to skip through hours of footage, which risks you missing out on important and relevant activity.

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