Why you should choose remote viewing CCTV for your security needs

Why you should choose remote viewing CCTV for your security needs

As technology changes, we in the home security sector, are able to offer our customers better and better options to protect their homes. Whilst the concept of CCTV is not a new
one, it is now more accessible and versatile than ever before. In Rugby and Warwickshire remote viewing CCTV is becoming increasingly popular. What are some of the added bonuses of remote viewing when it comes to home security?

- On the go CCTV camera access
Whether you’re working nights, going on holiday or just want to check in on your home, remote viewing allows users to access their home security from wherever, whenever. As long as you have a device that’s connected to Wifi, you’re good to go!

- Peace of mind
Rest easy knowing that your home or business is being monitored securely. Plus, if you do worry, with the click of a few buttons you can have a real-time update on what’s going on.

- Comparable to on-site security guards, but better!
Have the potential for round the clock updates as you would do with a security guard, but at a fraction of the cost! As most security guards are instructed to not approach criminals this On-site security personnel will also suffer from a limited view of the premises, not a problem faced by multiple security cameras.

- Reduction of risk to your home
Whilst a standard burglar alarm system is already a good deterrent, the added option of monitoring the CCTV makes this even more so.

- Proactive
Whilst other security systems may be slow to react to an intrusion or break-in, the rapid response time of a remote system gives it an edge over other techniques and boosts the likelihood of criminals being apprehended.

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